Thread veins self-funded prices

The total costs involved in the diagnosis and treatment of thread veins are outlined below. If you have thread veins on the legs the primary treatment is likely to be microsclerotherapy, or foam sclerotherapy if you have slightly larger veins. For face veins the primary treatment is thermocoagulation.

Please note that if an underlying valve issue is found during your initial consultation, you will more likely follow the varicose vein treatment pathway and varicose vein treatment costs instead.

The average patient requires 2-4 sessions for thread veins to be completely removed. Your consultant will discuss the recommended number of treatment sessions with you at your initial consultation appointment.

Self-funded leg thread vein removal price

1Consultation & scanAED 1190
2Foam sclerotherapy/microsclerotherapy initial session (on one or both legs)AED 1890
Class II compression stockingsIncluded in price
3Additional sessions of foam sclerotherapy/microsclerotherapy (if required)AED 1490
4Additional pair of class II compression stockings (if required)AED 180

Self-funded facial thread vein removal price

1Photograph review and screening questions via emailFree of charge
2ConsultationFree of charge
Thermocoagulation initial sessionAED 1290
3Thermocoagulation additional sessions (if required)AED 990

Payment information

Foam Sclerotherapy, Microsclerotherapy or Thermocoagulation as a Primary Treatment require a deposit of 500 AED.

For more information on prices for all our vein treatments, please see our self-funded pricing page.

If you have medical insurance, please disregard our self-funding prices and refer to our health insurance page. However, please note that the majority of insurers class thread veins as a cosmetic issue and therefore may not fund treatment.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions about our payment terms and clinic policies on our general FAQs page. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our clinic team will be pleased to help.