Varicose veins consultation process

At UK Veincentre (UKVC) there are five simple steps to obtaining a diagnosis and treatment plan for your varicose veins:

1. Discussion

All our consultations begin with a conversation with your consultant regarding your vein problems (whether cosmetic, symptomatic or both), your reasons for seeking treatment and your desired outcome.

Your consultant will also discuss your past medical history, including any previous vein treatments you may have had, any health conditions or allergies, which could affect your treatment options.

2. Scan

The only way to accurately diagnose venous insufficiency and determine the underlying cause of varicose veins or thread veins is by having a colour duplex ultrasound scan performed on your legs, from your feet up to your groin.

This scan is the only way to accurately identify what, if anything, is causing the visible veins (either varicose and/or thread veins) and any associated symptoms you may be experiencing. It is impossible to properly assess your veins without this full and detailed scan, or to determine the best treatment for leg veins that should be recommended for you.

The scan is similar to the kind of ultrasound scan performed on pregnant women, to assess the health and growth of a baby, but it is performed on your legs and is undertaken with you standing up.

The scan can be performed by a consultant interventional radiologist, a vascular surgeon or a specialist venous nurse practitioner. Ideally, the best person to undertake the scan is the person who will undertake your treatment.

3. Tailored Treatment Plan

Your consultant will then explain the results of the scan and the best treatment for leg veins suitable for you – including the benefits and the risks. You are encouraged to ask questions and ensure that any proposed treatment plan takes into consideration your own personal preferences.

Over 95% of patients who present with varicose veins require a combination of endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) and foam sclerotherapy (the only treatments for varicose veins recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)) in the UK.

4. Treatment Costs

Our prices are upfront and fixed and so they will not escalate from what you can see on our self funded pricing page. Your consultant will be able to discuss the prices for the treatment plan you require. Your quote for treatment will be confirmed in writing alongside your consultation report.

This quotation and report should also be sufficient for your insurance provider if you are seeking to have treatment under your health insurance.

5. Further Queries & Booking

The results of the consultation and scan are valid for six months from the date of your initial appointment. There is no pressure to rush and book in for treatment, allowing you to book at a time which suits you.

If you wish to book, our clinic team will be able to help or you can contact us at a later date. Our team is also happy to answer any further questions you may have or to clarify anything in the consultation report or treatment quote.