Why choose UKVC?

UK Veincentre (UKVC) is a specialist clinic that offers affordable and efficient medical treatment for varicose veins and thread veins, delivered by experts from the UK.

We are one of only a few specialist clinics offering varicose vein removal in Dubai. Unlike other hospitals and clinics, we focus on treating veins, so you can be sure of our expertise.

In addition to our EPIC values of Excellence, People Focus, Integrity and Care, there are several reasons why you should choose UKVC for your vein treatment:

Healthy legs need healthy veins

Even if you’re seeking thread vein or varicose vein removal for primarily cosmetic reasons; we treat the cause, not just the symptoms.

Underlying venous insufficiency can get worse over time, leading to pain and swelling, skin thinning, pigmentation changes and eventually leg ulcers (open sores), which are prone to infection.

Because we focus on eliminating veins with damaged valves, redirecting blood flow to healthy veins, you’re more likely to see the results you want, and there’s less chance of your varicose veins coming back.

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Walk in, walk out service

We recognise that most of our patients lead busy lives and that any treatments must be arranged and performed with the utmost efficiency, to minimise disruption to their lives.

All our vein treatments are minimally invasive, meaning that there is no general anaesthetic and no surgery needed. You walk in and walk out within a couple of hours and no time off work is required.

With most treatments you’ll be able to resume your normal activities straight away, and both see and feel the results in just a few weeks.

Women-only days

We recognise that some women feel more comfortable seeing a female doctor, particularly if you have pelvic varicose veins or thread veins on the upper thigh.

UKVC is one of the only specialist vein clinics in Dubai to offer women-only days, when all our staff in clinic, from our reception team to our nurses and doctors, will be other women. So you can have your veins examined and treated in total privacy and comfort, by one of our female expert consultants.

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Upfront, fixed prices

We believe in transparency and value for money for all our patients.

When you attend your first consultation appointment, your consultant will discuss with you both your concerns and desired outcomes. Following your scan you’ll be issued with a consultation report and quotation, detailing your recommended treatment plan and all the costs involved.

Our self-funded prices are what they say they are, irrespective of the number of veins needing treatment in each leg. If we think you need more than one treatment, we’ll discuss this with you so that you can make an informed decision.

Expert consultants from the UK

We offer the same high quality, modern, minimally invasive vein treatment procedures at our clinic in Dubai as we provide at our internationally renowned Veincentre Ltd clinics in the UK.

Veincentre Ltd is a multi-award-winning healthcare provider specialising solely in the treatment of varicose veins and thread veins. With over 30 clinics, Veincentre Ltd is the largest provider of venous services in the UK and one of the most experienced providers in Europe.

Our consultants are some of the most experienced and respected vein specialists in the UK, who divide their time between UKVC in Dubai and Veincentre Ltd in the UK.

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Central clinic location

Situated in Dubai Healthcare City, close to Dubai International Airport, we are within easy reach whether you’re a Dubai local or travelling from further afield.

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality clinic facilities and state of the art equipment to deliver the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Our UKVC clinic is specifically set up to treat issues with veins – and nothing else! Unlike other private hospitals and clinics, we focus on what we do best; varicose vein removal in Dubai, by UK-trained experts.